Basic Medical Pack
Basic Medical Pack

Basic Medical Pack


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The Basic Medical Gear Pack contains 50+ essential first-aid supplies to manage any minor injuries in the outdoors.

Included In This Pack:

  • Metal Scissors
  • Metal Tweezers                    
  • High Decibel Whistle   
  • 1 x MyLar Blanket  (2.1m x 1.3m) 
  • 1 x Triangle Bandage + safety pins - Compressed (1m x1.41m) 
  • Cloth Tape  (1.2cm x 4.5m)
  • 2 x PBT Bandage  (2.5cm x 4.5cm)
  • 10 x Cotton Bud 
  • 4 x Sterile Gauze (5cm x 5cm)
  • 1 x Wound Closure Strips 6 pcs
  • 1 x Burn Jel (3.5 gram)
  • 5 x Band Aid Standard  (7cm x 1cm)
  • 5 x Band Aid Small (1cm x 0.4cm)
  • 2 x Band Aid  H shape (7cm x 4cm)
  • 2 x Band Aid butterfly (5cm x 4cm)
  • 5 x Anteseptic wipe 
  • 5 x Sting Relief Wipe 
  • 5 x Alcohol Pad 
  • 1 x Elastic Bandage (5 cm x  4.5m ) 

Weight: 210g

Size: 18cm x 25cm x 5cm

New Zealand: Ex Auckland 

  • NZ Post 1-3 days delivery after dispatch

Australia: Ex Melbourne 

  • Aus Post 2-7 days delivery after dispatch (depending on state)

United States: Ex Salt Lake City

  • 2-5 days delivery after dispatch (depending on state)

Other International: Out Of Stock

Be ready to respond to minor injuries

With over 50 pieces of gear, the Basic Medical Pack includes all the essential safety gear which is a must have for all adventures.

Pack/Refill your Kit

Need to top up or pack your survival/first-aid kit? The pack includes the essential First-Aid supplies you need to be prepared.


Packed inside a resealable & waterproof bag they can be used in a kit or stored on their own for quick access.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Lauren R.
Great kit

Looking forward to a big adventure in October. Have been slowly kitting up. I love Kea gear and will be back to buy more.
The gear is robust, well selected, lightweight and fabulous.
Highly recommended.

Lisa B.
Best kits!

Totally love my basic medical and fire starting kits! Such great quality gear. I’m keen to add to my Kea collection. These kits are permanently kept in my backpack ready to use on my hikes!


A good facility to keep on top of essentials. Delivery service very good. Keep it up as other online purchase take longer in my experience.
As a consumer, one thing i appreciate is a good puality product and service. That will keep me coming back.
Nga mihi, roi.

David L.
Medical kit great for hiking, camping and emergencies in your car

Medical kit great for hiking, camping and emergencies in your car


I feel pretty much prepared for any basic medical emergency

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