The KEA STASH has been copied.... BADLY!

The KEA STASH has been copied.... BADLY!

The unfortunate story of a product rip-off...

Late last year I was alerted to a new product coming to market that looked suspiciously like ours, so much so that we thought we were seeing double!

The KEA STASH is an innovative product we launched in 2022 to make it easier to pack and carry trash on your adventures without the leaks or smells. Designed in Wanaka, New Zealand, it was a first of its kind and has gone on to sell thousands of units around the world.

Well... someone else clearly thought it was a good idea so bought one, had it shipped to a factory in China and copied down to the very finest detail. 

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but you would expect even just a little bit of effort to be put in, to at least make it look like it wasn't a blatant copy. 


Their only innovation was changing the strap colour to green, seriously...

Even the internal welding and stitching and material is identical to the KEA STASH. The only way this could occur is by having one of ours products to copy, piece by piece!


We protested to this on the website they were trying to launch the product on and got this as a reply: 


"For those people who are saying that we are a copy of another bag need to understand that there are differences in design between the two bags. I will list out the differences between the two bags below:

1. Our bag has detachable camo straps that come in three different designs unlike the other bag whose straps cannot be removed and only come in one color.
2. Our bag has two loops (one on the front and one on the back) which help in carrying the bag unlike the other bag which only has one loop.
3. Our bag comes in 40 x 28 cm unlike the other bag which has different sizes."


It's pretty laughable to say the least... 

Even worse, the website hosting this launch decided there was 'nothing to see here'.

One thing they did do however was to go out of their way to look like a legitimate company by doing a classic 'cheesy camper' photo shoot, it's pretty cringe and a perfect example of their creativity: 

But it looks so natural.... 😂

Although it's disappointing an we clearly want people to back our original product, our guess is that it goes nowhere as people that do these thing often have little to offer the customer other than a drop-shipped rip off. 

But incase you ever thought who designed the original, it was us...

Don't buy rip offs, support innovation.

See the real KEA STASH here

Thanks for reading.

Matt - Founder of KEA Outdoors